How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan || Ways To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

How To Earn Money Online In Pakistan

Everyone wants to earn money online in Pakistan but people are confused about how they earn money online. They don't know how they earn money online in Pakistan without investment. They try but they fail because of no proper knowledge and skill. They invest in Ponzi Schemes and earn money only for a few days. They invest in different applications, which give them some daily ads that people watch and earn money for only a few days. After that, these apps will be closed. Making money online is slightly difficult but possible. In this article, I will tell you better ways you earn money online in Pakistan free at home without investment.

Earn Money Online In Pakistan

What You Need?

All you need is a decent internet connection and a laptop or mobile with basic specifications. This is a basic requirement for earning money online. Anyone can earn money online whether it belongs to any location, four-year degree, or even family background. People think that to earn money online in Pakistan it is necessary to have good English written and spoken skills but it's not important. Here I will tell you the ways you can earn money online without investment at home.

1: Earn Money Online With Freelancing

If you have any skills like Graphic Designing, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, SEO and many more then you can move towards freelancing to earn money online in  Pakistan. You can give your services on different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, people per hour, freelancer, Seo Clerks, and many more. You can find clients according to your own niche.

How you can earn money online as a freelancer:

Niche Selection:

The first thing is to select your niche and which role you want to play as a freelancer. Which kind of services do you want to provide your clients as a freelancer or which things make you happy in your work. You want to give services either as a Graphic Designer, Social Media Marketer, video editor, web developer, or game developer. 

Build An Attractive Portfolio:

To attract clients for your service you have to build a good portfolio. For freelancers, it is necessary to build a portfolio for different clients. A portfolio is actual work that you have done with your past client and it's important to get new clients in this regard.

You must make a heavy portfolio to attract your clients. Freelancers have been encouraged to upload their portfolio profiles on different platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc

Earn Money Online In Pakistan

Create an account on the freelance marketplace:

To start your career you should sign up for your account on different platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and many more to reach your potential customer who wants your services. The first work is to create a profile on the populated platforms where you can reach your potential customers can write a complete description and price of your work. The second step is to upload your portfolio or testimonial video of your past satisfied client.

Reach Potential Client:

To reach your potential customers you can run Facebook and Instagram ads as well. Potential clients are those who want to take your service according to your niche. When you run Facebook and Instagram ads you reach your potential client and they DM you to hire you.

Customer is always King:

Getting a project is one thing but you should communicate with your client regularly. Your communication is good with clients so that clients will give you bigger projects. Taking care of your client's work is a real sale to earn money online in Pakistan.  The client is always a king because he gives his money trusts you and provides you an opportunity to grow more.

2: Earn Money Online from Blogging:

How many people are earning money online through blogging in Pakistan?
People are earning thousands of Dollars online through blogging just sitting at home. You can also earn money through blogging in Pakistan just with a little investment to buy a domain and hosting. Here I will tell you about all the steps one by one.

Step 1: Niche Selection:

Nice Selection is one of the major tasks to start as a blogger. Most of the bloggers fail because they chose the wrong niche. People start with the Macro Niche that is wrong and the result is that they fail and are dishearted. Start with the micro niche because you rank on that niche with no time. 

what is Niche?

To select a specific topic, writing content about that topic on your site is called a niche. For example, if you select a sports topic, Now it is you are responsible for writing content on this specific topic.

Step 2: Blog setup:

You can completely set up your blog on different sites like WordPress or Blogger.

Step 3: Domain Setup:

You can use the free domain of Blogger, wix WordPress, etc. You can also buy .com,.org, etc domains on different sites like Godaddy, and Namecheap.

Step 4: Hosting Setup:

You can completely set up your Hosting from different sites like Namecheap, Godday, etc.

Step 5: Keyword Research:

The main thing to rank your blog on any search engine is to choose the right keyword a right keyword can rank your blog on any search engine in no time. The selection of keywords is based on volume results with low competition. We can not choose the keywords that have high search volume and high keyword difficulty. We choose the keywords that have low competition and high volume because it is easy to rank on these keywords. To find the right keywords there are many tools like ubbersuggest, Ahrefs, Semrush, and moz, etc.

Step 6: Create high-value content:

After you can set up your blog completely the main thing is to create valuable or rich content to attract your audience. You should provide complete and fresh information for your users and you should solve the problems of your audience. If a reader can spend most of his time reading your blog the lower the bounce rate which makes the search engine rank your site.

Step 7: Build a targeted audience:

You should run ads to reach your targeted audience on Facebook or Google. This increases your viewership on your blog.

Step 8: Monetize Your blog:

When you get daily visitors to your blog and get some traffic on your blog. Then you should monetize your blog to generate revenue. You should apply for AdSense, azoic, and other sites that generate income.

Earn money online in Pakistan from Affiliate Marketing:
You can also earn money through affiliate marketing. You can write content on specific niches and work with Amazon, Ali Express, and Walmart. People visit your site and click on the link where the product ads are being shown. They buy a product and in return, Amazon will give you a profit.

Sponsor post:

You can earn money online by providing sponsored posts according to the content that belongs to your niche site.

3: Earn money online in Pakistan with Youtube

YouTube is the second number platform that is being used all over the world. It has 35B traffic and most people all over the world spend most of their time on YouTube watching shorts and other videos according to their interest 

What is the YouTube monetization policy?

YouTube monetization policy is very simple what do you need? you just need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. You can make videos on YouTube and earn money through ads that are played before your video starts.

How earn money online in Pakistan through YouTube shorts?

You can earn money online in Pakistan through YouTube shorts when your YouTube channel is monetized. You must fulfill the basic criteria of YouTube to monetize your channel. You can make a channel according to your own niche that you like. People are earning millions of dollars in Pakistan just sitting inside homes without investment. You need not a single penny of investment to start as a YouTuber.
You can also start an affiliate program on YouTube by giving reviews of Amazon products or other affiliates.


In Pakistan, for the past few years online earning opportunities have been rising day by day. Both Government and private institutes are now providing online earning education. They know about the importance of online earning. People can earn money online in Pakistan like a machine. People are now aware by learning online skills they can earn money freely at home without investment by providing their services to the clients.
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